Friday, December 12, 2008

i am in love....

i am. I am totally in love with Santa. I want to love him and kiss him and hold him for hours. Why? Because he loves me ya sillies!

He brought me an IPOD TOUCH! early of course because i am an impatient person and he knows that about me after 30 years of delivering my loot. I think i might leave him a little something special under the tree this year next to the cookies. Perhaps a few of Granny's SPECIAL rum balls? Those are the rum balls that get doused with half a bottle of rum AFTER they're baked. As granny says, "what good is eating alcohol flavored goodies if you dont get the buzz?"

I totally agree granny!

MUAH Santa!

1 comment:

Cheyenne said...

lucky duck! And I totally agree with your granny!!! Tis the season to get drunk on baked goods!!! :)