Monday, November 3, 2008

The worst blogger ever....

I am. I am seriously the worst blogger ever. I got emails from ALL these wonderful people telling me how much they love my blog and then I leave them hanging. No posts for how long? Almost a week. You can all spank me if you want. I deserve it. I have neglected you all.

So lets see. What have I been up to?

Well, we went to a birthday party on Saturday where I told a very gullible man that I was Mary and my husband was my son Jesus. I told him he could read all about our lives in this really cool book called the Holy Bible. I am probably going to hell. I dont think they'll even give me the ride in the hand basket for that one. That same day I cheered for my oldest son at his football game and spelled "Redskins" with my body. Well actually I only got as far as "R-E-D" because fat girls bodies dont bend into the s shape very well. We still end up looking like a lumpy "I".

Oh my happy moment for the weekend was when I went into the Don Jons at the football fields and there was ALCOHOL WASH FOR YOUR HANDS!! We're lucky if these things have TP in them let alone hand sanitizer. Its the little things that make me happy. Hand sanitizer, warm socks on a cold night, my kid wiping his own butt, my husband wiping his own butt and not making train tracks in his drawers. You know, the little things :)

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