Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do you see what I see?

I spend hours and hours a day sitting at my desk proofing photos, surfing the net and learning how to make belts out of cardboard toilet paper rolls. My desk is my home away from home. Which is actually kind of strange to say because my office space is inside my home. I only have to walk like .00001 of a mile to get to my office. I know, I am VERY lucky.

I decided to make the wall in front of me pretty. I decorated it with affirmations and reminders of who I am and how much I need to believe in myself. I'm gonna share a pic of it with y'all. I took it with my celly so please excuse the bad quality. I have all kinds of little sayings there including a check from the universe for $50k. I'm still waiting to collect that one. I think I might have to send it to collections and have them harassed by debt collectors.

I may not be rich "yet" but I do believe that I am wealthy. I have healthy happy boys, a husband who loves me and hot food on my table every night.

Yes folks. I am a wealthy, wealthy lady.

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