Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I almost died in a tornado once......

I was in a tornado once. Well, not inside flying around Dorothy style BUT it did go by and I think I saw her wave.

Back to my story. I had decided that I needed to go to Walmart and I really didnt care that there was a storm coming. I even took my 3 month old baby with me. You see, when a girls gotta shop, not even a tornado can stop her. So, on the way to Walmart I heard a severe weather warning come over the radio followed quickly by a tornado watch. This means that conditions were "favorable" for a tornado but no funnels had been spotted yet. I was golden so I gathered up my baby and headed for some much needed stress releasing shopping.

I was piling my cart full of diapers, wipes and other necessities that I hated having to spend money on when over the PA system came a warning.
"Could everyone in the store please meet in the electronic department. There is a CODE BLACK."
Code black? What the hell is a code black? I thought it was some super secret special and they were gonna start giving away from DVD's or something. Hot dawg I hit the jackpot. And who says shopping during a tornado doesnt pay off. It turns out that a CODE BLACK is the sign that we're all gonna die so they wanted us all in the middle of the store together so they could keep better track of the bodies or something.
So here I am in the electronics department and everyones whispering about tornados coming our way and then hail starts pelting the tin roof of the store. It was LOUD. Then there was some banging. The baby started to cry so I picked him up and started to daze out. I was scared but I was more annoyed that very possibly the last thing I would see in my life was a 30" Zenith flying straight at my head. Death by television would have a whole new meaning.

Anyhow, I survived. No damage was done but I still have a hard time looking at a Zenith TV without having flashbacks and wanting to dive into a bathtub and cover myself with a mattress. I have issues.

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