Friday, October 10, 2008

I meet a dragon...

My cousin recently got married. I photographed his wedding. I was fine while I was photographing it but when I got into the car to leave I bawled like a baby. I was so thankful that someone would put up with his spoiled ass. Haha Just kidding TJ if your reading this. You know I love you. Actually I cried because he's gotten so much older and that in turn means that I am getting older. Blech.

I'm dealing with turning 30 next week. What will make me super duper happy is if I get a dragon like the one TJ and Christina had at their wedding. I want my very own dragon. I'd pet it and feed it and love it allllllllll the day.

I guess Spanky may be upset if I tried to bring it into the bed considering the dragon comes complete with 2 little Chinese men.

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Stacy said...

Uh oh... are you going through a semi-midlife crisis? You're not really mid-life yet... unless you die young! You're acting strange lately... making your face look funny, changing your blog design daily (I like it now! Wasn't wild about the Grandma's Couch background! LOL!) and now you're whining about dragons like Veruca Salt? Ha.
1) Get drunk
2) Get laid
3) Get a pedicure
Seriously, in that order... and then it'll all be better.
Don't dread 30. Thirty is cool, and sexy. Remember that show, "Thirty Something?" Very cool.
You've got at least 10 more years until you're REAAAAAAAAALLY old. ;)
So be young, be fabulous and happy and sexy. 30 ain't so bad!!!!! ;)